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A Renaissance intrigue

Immerse in the world of rogue conspiracies taking part in the heart of the 16th century Cracow.
 Impersonate the figure of a Cracow's student and the main character of a novel, Kacper Ryx, and solve some of the darkest crimes of his times.

My Cracow

Explore the mysterious stories of medieval monuments told by Ryx himself. See the dark, gloomy photographs of places known from the novel and discover the legends that you had no idea about!

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Recommended places

july 2014

Discover the legendary places in contemporary Cracow
that Kacper Ryx would go to.

Tracing the intrigue

july 2014

Follow the traces of conspiracies 
described in Kacper Ryx novels. Become his companion and solve historical cases.

Plan your itinerary

august 2014

Let the virtual guide plan the best itinerary for you and help you experience the Renaissance Cracow.


october 2014

Become an investigator of Their Royal Majesties, discover intrigues, spot the scoundrels and challenge your friends.

Photo by: Missy S Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/listenmissy/5087404401/ Photo by: Missy S Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/listenmissy/5087404401/
  • The application is based on Mariusz Wollny's outstanding criminal novels
  • It lets you travel in time and feel the atmosphere of the Medieval City of Kings
  • The plot is based on historical events
  • It’s the world’s first application in which the user impersonates a fictitious character to trace the intrigues from a novel

Mariusz Wollny


Mariusz Wollny - ex-dark-haired man, ex-Silesian. An avowed Cracovian with over 30-years experience. A Polish writer, author of novels, popular science books
and stories for children.